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Our company was started in Shenzhen, China in 2011. Proactivity of KOMAN was recognized by clients and company every year broadened are of competences and offer. In this way KOMAN today can proudly present themselves as laboratory supplier which can meet demand in different type of laboratory Furniture, chemical Fume Hood, laboratory wares and laboratory consumables, and implementing individual laboratory installation projects.


Independent R&D, high-end brand laboratory furniture

According to Industry 4.0 production mode, laboratory high-end customized sheet metal flexible production line and non-standard flexible production line, using Italian Prima Power flexible production equipment, international manufacturing process, strict quality control.

Shenzhen Koman Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd.

Technology synchronized with Europe

A large number of senior designers and R&D teams from home and abroad have been introduced to integrate and develop, combining European and American and contemporary laboratory design concepts and styles, we are committed to creating professional, scientific and forward-looking sustainable development laboratories.

Shenzhen Koman Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd.