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Shenzhen Koman Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd.
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KOMAN Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Add.: Skyworld Building, No.1 Huibei Road, Kengzi Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong

After-sales Service

Shenzhen Koman Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd.

7x24 hours, react to your need urgently

The company pays attention to customer service and provides 7*24 hours customer service to solve the difficulties encountered by customers. A well-trained technical service team, with rich knowledge of engineering supporting products and field experience, can provide technical support and guidance.

With rich engineering experience, we provide overall solutions for laboratory overall design, laboratory furniture, laboratory intelligence, and operation and maintenance. For your needs, KOMAN creates one-stop laboratory services.

Shenzhen Koman Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd.

Professional Team + Complete Qualifications

The company has complete qualifications and a professional construction team in the laboratory industry.

Hundreds of successful cases of laboratory projects, professionals do professional things! KOMAN will be your worry-free choice!

Shenzhen Koman Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd.

Independent production, quality and quantity

Our own laboratory furniture factory, direct selling price of laboratory bench and fume hood, timely delivery and quality assurance.

There are hundreds of laboratories in the production and installation of laboratory furniture and equipment, and they can really solve the problem with one phone.

Shenzhen Koman Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd.

Star Service Create Value Beyond Price

Pre-sales: free design, planning, field measurement and free solutions

On sale: accept consultation at any time and ensure that the project is completed on time and with quality

After-sales: real-time warranty and repair

For major stories such as on-site maintenance, it is guaranteed to respond within 1 hour to solve problems within 24 hours.