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Biosafety Clean Bench Cabinet Airflow

Biosafety cabinet airflow and biosafety clean bench adopts a tray structure, which is easy to remove and clean; the integrated sliding safety door can be arbitrarily positioned; the bracket and the upper box can be separated for easy handling. KOMAN is specialized in clean bench biosafety cabinet.


• Product name: biosafety clean bench

• Worktop: Stainless Steel

• Type: clean bench biosafety cabinet

• Function: Work station for all labs

• Dimension: 1200/1500/1800/2000*795*2050mm

• Working Dimension: 1004/1304/1604/1804*630*630mm

• Coating: Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating

• Weight: 260-400KGS

• Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz

• Cleanliness: ULPA: ISO Class4

• Filtration Efficiency: ULPA: ≥99.9995%

• Packaging Details: Wooden case

• Key word: biosafety cabinet airflow


Nominal Size1.3meter(4')
Filtration EfficiencyULPA: ≥99.9995%, @0.12μm
Downflow Velocity0.35 m/s(68.88fpm)0.33  m/s(64.94fpm)
Inflow Velocity0.55m/s(108.24fpm)0.53 m/s(104.30fpm)
Noise58~65 dB(A)
Vibration≤5 μm(center of tabletop)
Power SupplyAC220V,1φ,50Hz
Opening Height200 mm
Personnel ProtectionA. Total colony in impaction sampler ≤10CFU./timeB. Total colony in impaction sampler ≤5CFU./time
Product ProtectionTotal colony in culture dish ≤5CFU./time
Cross-contamination ProtectionTotal colony in culture dish ≤2CFU./time
Max Consumption(with spare socket)1.75 kVA
Rated Power(without spare socket)0.43 kVA
Weight300 kg
Work Dimension (W1XD1XH1)1304*630*630 mm(51.3''x24.8''x24.8'')
Overall Dimension(WXDXH)1500*795*2050 mm(59.1''x31.3''x80.7'')
Size and Qty. of LightLED 31 w x 1PC
Size and Qty. of UV Light30 w  x 1PC
Lumin.≥900 Lx
Cabinet MaterialsHigh-grade steel and lacquered in ivory
Working Area MaterialsSS304 fully finished
Air DirectionTop out