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Laboratory Chair Lift Chair

The laboratory chair of KOMAN has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. The laboratory chair is designed with pneumatic universal wheels, which is convenient and durable. In addition, the laboratory lift chair is widely welcomed by customers.


1、The sitting surface of the laboratory chair has the advantages of dirt resistance, abrasion resistance, and good gloss, and a comfortable sitting feeling;

2、The laboratory lift chair stool pneumatic rod has been tested and certified by the national security department, so you can enjoy it with confidence;

3、The foot (or chassis) of the laboratory chair is electroplated with high-quality steel, which can withstand the weight of 200 kg. It is a streamlined design with a beautiful appearance.


Surface of laboratory lift chair:Anti-static PU foam four-hole stool surface (PU flat surface, PU Chinese knot stool surface), shaped cotton stool surface, stainless steel stool surface, anti-static leather stool surface, double steel ring leather stool surface.

Air rod: foreign trade electroplating air rod, 140# air rod is used for normal height.

Lifting range: 415-555MM; special height can be equipped with 200# (490-680MM) or 260# (570-820MM) air rod.

Laboratory lifting stool chair foot cup: equipped with high-strength wear-resistant nylon fixed foot cup or movable caster, black anti-static foot cup or gray conductive foot cup, metal conductive chain.

The scope of application of laboratory lifting stool chair: widely used in electronic production workshops, laboratories, dust-free workshops, etc.