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Laboratory Universal Exhaust Hood

KOMAN laboratory universal exhaust hood, is corrosion-resistant and acid-alkali resistant, and is designed to be reasonable and easy to operate. It can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the direction. The joint sealing ring of the laboratory exhaust hood uses high-density rubber, not easy to age.


• Type: Desk mounted/ Ceiling mounted/ Wall Mounted

• Joint: High grade PP, easy for disassembly, cleaning and re-assembly swiftly.

• Joint Color: Red/ White

• Center Bolt: SS304 material

• Joint Knob: Brass material with ss bearing inside locked with center bolt.

• Damper: Manually adjust air flow with a knob

• Hood: PP

• Tube: PP/ SS304 with dia 75mm

• Bracket: Injection of plastics with a mould/ made by aluminum alloy.

• Max. Movement Radius to 1600mm


Joint ringnon-aging high-density rubber
Joint connecting rod304 stainless steel connecting rod, with a standard design within the card can be locked together with the joint
Joint elastic knobhigh-density PP material, embedded stainless steel bearings, and the joint rod lock
Air flow control valveWith the design of circular adapter, for manual adjustment, through the external valve knob, adjust the valve angle, to control the incoming air flow
Gathering hoodPP white / red / transparent
Telescopic catheter¢ 50mm, 75mm, 80mm, 90mm, 110mm and Customized
Joint colorwhite / red
Cover size380mm
Interface size110mm
Unique 360 ° rotation deviceThe maximum movable radius of the fixed frame can reach 1600MM
Standard fixed baseHigh-density PVC material, non-adhesive, molded injection molding, fastness, not bottom off
Another alternative fixed basehanging stainless steel base