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Laboratory emergency shower machine

Laboratory emergency shower machine is one of the important configurations in the laboratory. When laboratory personnel accidentally encounter harmful gases and poisons on the body and eyes, they can use emergency shower eyewash to relieve pain and dilute gas , drugs, reduce the risk.


• Type: laboratory emergency shower

• General Use: Commercial Furniture

• Material: Metal, 304 Stainless steel

• Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China

• Brand Name: KOMAN

• Product Name: Laboratory emergency shower machine

• Coating: Epoxy resin

• Shower head: Stainless steel

• Eye wash bowl: Stainless steel

• Spray head: Copper with soft rubber

• Dust cap: Available

• Packaging Details:  Carton


Body304 Stainless steel
FinishHigh grade epoxy resin powder
Shower valve304 Stainless steel ball valve
Shower head304 Stainless steel
Pull rod304 Stainless steel
Eye wash bowl304 Stainless steel
Dust capPP