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School lab table and chair

kOMAN customized school lab table chair, according to the characteristics of multi-person and multi-frequency use, the school lab table and chair, have the characteristics of sturdy, durable, beautiful and generous, suitable for various universities.


Diversified school lab table in teaching laboratories:

The school lab table chair is in the shape of a semi-circular arc, and can be combined into a four-person table or a single-person table according to teaching needs. The diversified school lab table and chair has a simple and stylish appearance, and is easy to carry and assemble. It is a lab table and chair that can meet diverse classroom needs.

The surface of the table frame has undergone anti-corrosion oxidation treatment and epoxy resin high temperature curing treatment, which is not easy to fade; high temperature resistance, impact resistance, and strong toughness.

The tables and chairs of the teaching laboratory are 8mm thick double-sided solid core physical and chemical board, which is corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant.


Student chair:

The whole is beautiful and strong, strong and durable. The stool surface and foot pads are made of high-quality PP plastic

Stool surface: ABS material, one-time molding, three colors are available.