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KOMAN-Laboratory Design and Construction Expert

Brand Decoration Company for Fifteen Years

Shenzhen KOMAN Laboratory Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in August 2011 with a registered capital of 10 million. It is a large-scale professional architectural decoration company integrating design and construction. The company is a modern architectural decoration group whose main business is laboratory construction, medical purification, electromechanical installation, and fire protection. It is the vice president unit of Shenzhen interior decoration industry, the integrity management enterprise, the vice president unit of Shenzhen clean industry, the vice president unit of China's environmental art and decoration design industry, and the top ten design institutions in Greater China. Hundreds of large-scale projects have been completed in major business areas such as laboratory construction, architectural decoration and decoration, medical purification, electromechanical installation, electronics and intelligence, fire-fighting facilities, exhibition display, etc., and have won many honorary titles and accumulated rich designs and construction experience.

KOMAN-Laboratory Design and Construction Expert


Full Program Customization

Shenzhen KOMAN Experimental Technology Co., Ltd. is currently one of the most professional companies that customize laboratory construction projects. Laboratory planning and design + laboratory decoration construction + weak current intelligent engineering + fire protection engineering + air conditioning engineering + ventilation and exhaust engineering + laboratory furniture + air purification + laboratory housewarming, laboratory construction one-stop service.


Independent Decoration Material Patent科曼—实验室设计建设专家

KOMAN independently researches and develops dozens of construction and material patents and has always used independent patented laboratory decoration materials as the core, focusing on product quality and innovation.




Approved by the Ministry of Construction as: first-level building decoration and decoration engineering, first-level clean engineering, second-level electronic and intelligent engineering, second-level fire-fighting facilities engineering, second-level building curtain wall engineering, third-level building electrical and mechanical installation engineering, general construction engineering Third-level contracting, third-level steel structure engineering, and second-level architectural decoration engineering design qualification


Service Advantage科曼—实验室设计建设专家

KOMAN Laboratory Engineering is one of the earliest and largest one-stop laboratory planning, design and decoration service companies in China's laboratory construction industry;



Team Advantage

The company is based in Shenzhen headquarters and has established service points in many cities. There are more than 40 elite team of senior laboratory designers and professional managers;

Among them, there are more than 36 master laboratory designers and professional planners with more than ten years of industry experience;


Brand Advantage科曼—实验室设计建设专家

With senior first-line field experience, professional design, decoration, planning level, and advanced management service concept. The company has not only become the vice president unit of Shenzhen Clean Industry Association and the vice president unit of Shenzhen Interior Decoration Industry Association. Passed ISO-9001 quality management system, ISO-14001 environmental management system, ISO-18001 occupational health system, ISO-50430 construction management system. It has also successively won honorary awards such as the most influential laboratory design agency in China and the leading brand of laboratory design in China;



Experience Advantage

The chief designer of the company has been engaged in interior industry design for more than 20 years, and has successively won awards such as the top ten designers in Greater China and outstanding works in laboratory design;


Design Advantage科曼—实验室设计建设专家

The perfect combination of space aesthetics and laboratory function requirements for original design, originality is the vitality of business, does not reuse the design due to time and construction factors, protects the rights and interests of customers, and makes design with professional ethics.