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Laboratory Construction Intelligent System

Laboratory intelligence is not only a technology, but also a concept and a trend. It brings the laboratory world into a new era, changes people's ideas, affects people's working methods, and reflects the laboratory's The modern management mode fully interprets the scientific and technological essence of the laboratory.

1. Building Automation System

The building automation system is an advanced system that uses computer control and network technology to perform real-time automatic control detection box control on the operating status of the ventilation system, air supply system, water supply and drainage system, air conditioning system and other systems in the building. The system is a distributed control system, the main equipment is composed of a central operating station, direct digital controller (DDC), sensors and actuators, etc., which can realize automation and reduce energy consumption.

2. Intelligent ventilation system

Intelligent ventilation system refers to the organic combination of frequency conversion and variable air volume ventilation control system, which mainly includes: wind speed sensor, infrared detector, variable air volume control valve, automatic controller panel, operation terminal, intelligent ventilation system management software, etc.

The intelligent ventilation system can monitor and remotely operate all the ventilation systems and equipment in the building, etc. It can start or close the detox cabinet, raise or lower the window doors of the detox cabinet, play music, and set the temperature, wind speed, and temperature of the detox cabinet in the central control room. Automatic alarm parameters such as air volume and working time can also be preset to automatically start or close time such as detox cabinets, which is especially suitable for situations that require long-term testing without the presence of staff. The intelligent ventilation system management software can monitor the ventilation system in real time, automatically record and output the "Operation Monitoring Report", record in detail the operation status and fault conditions of each period, and can output actual energy-saving data, allowing users to understand the investment cost and operation The cost is clear at a glance. After the intelligent ventilation system is put on the Internet, the intelligent ventilation system can be operated in a remote place through a mobile phone or a computer, and the intelligent ventilation system can also be diagnosed and maintained by the supplier of the intelligent ventilation system in a remote location. The intelligent ventilation system is an important symbol of the international laboratory.

3. Smart gas system

The smart gas system includes smart gas supply and smart exhaust.

Intelligent air supply refers to controlling the high and low pressure values of various gases or negative pressures by adjusting the upper and lower limits of electric shock pressure gauges or electric shock vacuum gauges. The negative pressure system is the size of the vacuum. When the pressure or vacuum rises to the upper limit or the lower limit of the address, it will alarm. All functional equipment can be automatically controlled by the system control equipment and its manual/automatic status, operation and fault status can be monitored.

Intelligent exhaust refers to the installation of intelligent management software, which detects the content of various gases in the air through a sensitive gas detection probe, sends the detection signal to the variable air volume control system for processing, and controls the frequency of the inverter and the speed of the exhaust fan. Realize the intelligent control of the exhaust system of the experimental building. Intelligent exhaust is especially suitable for laboratories with flammable and toxic gases. Once a gas leak is detected, the alarm system will be activated and exhausted in time to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment.

4. Water supply and drainage system

The key technical equipment for water treatment and resource utilization in universities, energy-saving, recyclable water treatment and resource utilization can be transferred in secret to achieve the effects of water saving and comprehensive utilization of resources. There is a water shortage alarm system.

5. Air conditioning system

HVAC and other intelligent control systems have multiple functional blocks such as split control and soul wind control, which can be automatically adjusted according to external climate conditions, and the temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness sensors installed in the laboratory can be adjusted according to preset indicators. The transmitted signal is analyzed, judged, and functions such as cooling, heating, dehumidification and air purification are automatically turned on in time.

6. Laboratory Information Management System

Laboratory information management system ("LIMS") is a combination of modern management ideas and computer-based data processing technology, mass data storage technology, modern transmission network technology, and automated instrument analysis technology. It is suitable for laboratories. Such as information management and quality control, it has achieved an integrated system that meets various goals in laboratory management.



Through the "LIMS" laboratory information management system server, with the laboratory as the center, the factors affecting analysis data such as personnel, instruments, reagents, test methods, environment, and documents are organically combined. Realize online assignment of tasks, automatic collection of testing data, rapid release, information sharing, automatic generation of analysis reports, smooth implementation of the quality assurance system, cost control, quantitative assessment of personnel, and overall improvement of laboratory management. Technical support is provided. Information platform for laboratories, production departments, quality management departments and customers.

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