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Laboratory Safety Solutions

With the development of our country and the improvement of environmental protection awareness, laboratories in various places have sprung up. However, compared with developed countries, our country still has many shortcomings in the construction of safe laboratory, causing frequent laboratory safety accidents. What are the problems faced and the corresponding laboratory safety solutions?


Unreasonable laboratory planning and design:

Due to the lack of understanding of the functions of different laboratories, especially the special laboratories, the planning and design personnel of the laboratories have little knowledge of many aspects in the planning and design, and the improper matching of the working environment causes irreversible safety hazards. 

Old facilities such as safety and fire protection:

First of all, many enterprises and public institutions lack safety awareness, especially when the fire-fighting facilities are seriously inadequate or have been dealt with. Many of the equipment has long expired and is out of date. According to regulations, the safety laboratory should be equipped with a fixed fire extinguishing system and mobile fire fighting equipment. Secondly, laboratories are in short supply. In order to reduce operating costs, enterprises and institutions will rent workshops and floors that are relatively small or are not conducive to the construction of laboratories, resulting in narrow laboratory space, unreasonable laboratory design and planning, and some need to be stored separately The items cannot be stored separately, the safety distance of the equipment is not enough, and the laboratory ventilation system is not perfect. Some laboratories that may produce toxic gas are not equipped with a ventilation system.

No safe laboratory system established:

One is that in the process of using the laboratory, laboratory personnel do not have a set of laboratory application, operation, and audit procedures, that is, they are not perfect, which leads to the accumulation of safety hazards and finally leads to the occurrence of laboratory safety accidents. Second, the unit does not have full-time laboratory safety personnel responsible for the safety of the laboratory, unable to implement management responsibilities, and unclear safety responsibilities.


Laboratory safety solutions:

1. Laboratory design and construction specifications: in the initial stage of laboratory construction, professional laboratory design planners or laboratory engineering design companies in the industry should be invited to systematically plan and design the overall laboratory construction, from laboratory layout, ventilation system, and fire protection system , Strong and weak electricity planning, etc. to carry out system design to ensure that the safe construction of laboratories meets national regulations. 

2. Laboratory safety operation organization and management standardization: formulate detailed and scientific management standards for the whole process of laboratory safety management with the goal of safe laboratory operation, mainly to ensure the plumbing and facility specifications of the laboratory’s house, water and electricity. The site layout is reasonable, the passage is unobstructed, the safety standards are complete, and the protection and alarm devices are complete and reliable. 

3. Standardization of laboratory safety operations: formulate operating procedures and management specifications for individual experiments or high-end equipment in the laboratory to achieve standardized operations. 

4. Institutionalization of laboratory safety education: regular laboratory safety education and safety training. Carry out some fire fighting and self-rescue banquets, continuously improve the safety and technical level of relevant personnel, and master the emergency response methods of accidents, so that everyone who works and studies in the laboratory has the ability to deal with emergencies.



In terms of technology and management of safety laboratories, most of them are caused by lack of chemical knowledge, irregular operations, lack of safety awareness, etc. from the perspective of personnel. As a laboratory manager, we must first plan the quality training of laboratory analysts. , Because the laboratory is a "people-oriented" laboratory, whether it is the training of advanced laboratory safety awareness, the mastery of experimental skills or the training of instrument operation and maintenance, it can better avoid safety accidents and ensure laboratory work Safe operation.

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